Benefits of a School That Ends in 8th Grade

Posted by Laura Kang on Dec 11, 2017 1:47:32 PM
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At East Woods, we believe very strongly in the benefits of a school that begins in Pre-Nursery and ends in Eighth Grade. Why?

  • Research from the Rand Corporation’s Focus on the Wonder Years supports the idea that when students only have to make one transition to a new school, the best time for this transition is after Eighth Grade. Eighth Graders who attend schools with this structure score, on the average, 50 points higher on standardized tests than those who attend separate middle schools.

benefits of school ending in 8th grade is research proven.

  • The Columbia Graduate School of Business showed that students in New York City who attended schools that ended in Eighth Grade scored approximately seven percentiles higher on standardized tests than students in separate middle schools.
  • In a Pre-Nursery (Age 2) through Eighth Grade school, young people have a secure foundation from which to take intellectual and creative risks, as discussed in Moving into Adolescence: The Impact of Pubertal Change and School Context (Simmons & Blyth, 2008). They have a strong identity and can perform as leaders as they become older. They also are not exposed to the wrong kind of risk-taking behaviors involving sex and drugs or alcohol from high school students.
  • Moving to a different school for high school is the perfect blend of experiencing a secure base but still ensuring that social relationships can branch out, and not stagnate in high school. Sometimes students in K-12 schools find they cannot reinvent themselves because they’ve been pigeonholed by their peers.

At East Woods, we are dedicated to providing age-appropriate challenges and opportunities. We prepare our students to be leaders with our emphasis on public speaking, critical thinking, and etiquette training. East Woods graduates are known to excel in their secondary schools and beyond.


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